Make smarter decisions for your business with our IoT sensor technology.

At Tentacles Innovation, we create scalable industrial IoT solutions for you.

Our simple but intelligent design will provide you with the tools to turn real-time data into immediately enhanced business performance. Allow our team of experienced developers guide you through every step from idea to realization of a IoT sensor solution tailor-made for you.

The sensors are constantly collecting information that is accessible however and wherever you like over our cloud-based platform. Our platform offers custom-built business logic, sensor notification mechanisms, big data analysis tools and more AI algorithms.

Gain real-time data in any number of sensory modalities in a clear format on the custom-made platform, so you can easily access this interpreted data via our SaaS dashboard and API tool.

Fast & Easy Installation

You can immediately see the benefits of the Internet of Things for your business. Our flexible IoT solutions can provide answers for any industry and already are in the communications, agriculture, energy and healthcare sectors

Cost Effective

Installation and maintenance costs are next to nothing because the sensors integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and have incredibly long battery life.

Accurate & Reliable Data

Get accurate and reliable data directly from source all from an impressive range even in the harshest conditions

Multiple Applications

Our technology can be adapted to warn you of potential problems, help you manage energy use, get the best performance out of your assets, lower inventory maintenance costs, and give insights into the efficiency of operations while improving health and safety.


Let our team of expert developers help make your ideas a reality or try our range of readily available products below!

The Team

Meet the people behind Tentacles Innovation

Marnix Janse
Founder (Technology)
Marnix Janse
Inventing solutions in the energy and telecommunications is my expertise. Since I was a teenager, my passion was building connected products for end-users. I had a sweet spot for radio signals (communication) and connecting everything in my house and garden to the internet, making it 'Smart'. I hope to meet you in one of our meetings in the near future!
Jeff van den Berg
Founder (Operations)
Jeff van den Berg
Jeff has a talent for streamlining operations by directing businesses through the challenges faced by fresh startups all the way to the sound daily operations of established companies. His strong suit is optimizing processes, which he has proven in his extensive experience in the telecommunications industry providing operational solutions.
Cees Verwijs
Founder (Sales)
Cees Verwijs
Cees's strength lies in his understanding that people are at the heart of business development. His impressive track record working for various companies in the healthcare sector has provided him with insights into dealing with conventional businesses and is why he is a key part of the team.

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