New features for the My Tentacles Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the roll-out of our latest My Tentacles dashboard update! Our talented team of developers have been working hard to optimise our SaaS dashboard. The results: improved user experience and data analytical capacity. Our platform offers custom-built business logic, sensor notification mechanisms, big data analysis tools and more AI algorithms. See our latest innovation for yourself!

Our partners at Sigfox have expanded their services

Our partners over at Sigfox have expanded their universal connectivity with their PAN service launch. Sigfox’s new Private Area Network offer will be tested in France during early 2020, providing Sigfox customers the choice between a private or global service, dependent on budget and business requirements. The announcement was made at their annual conference in Singapore late in November. Their new service will be deployed in over 65 countries. Read more here!

Native APP linked to My Tentacles Dashboard

Today, we reached a new milestone. The collection of different communication protocols we use have all been proven to work together.

The industrial device itself can communicate with the Tentacle’s controller, which communicates with our native APP, which communicates with our My Tentacles Dashboard which in turn communicates with the Cloud.