Backflow Inspector

Backflow Inspector

The Backflow Inspector© can wirelessly sense the direction and pressure of water flow when attached to each backflow valve’s input. Our sensors use SigFOX’s wireless technology to securely send the measurement data to the inspection company. The external antenna delivers wireless connectivity in elevator shafts and hard to reach places. We will help you to pass the inspection of all the backflow valves that takes place every 6 to 24 months in all government and commercial building.

The backflow inspector© will report every 24-hours that it is alive and will submit its battery level. Batteries can be user-replaced and last up to 5 years. This enables inspection companies to seal long-term inspection contracts.

With the Backflow Inspector, inspections are completed within one hour which lowers costs for inspections and time spent writing reports. As a result the inspection company can manage more inspection contracts with the same amount of personnel and the building is without water for the shortest possible amount of time, therefore there is less impact to the people working in it.


• Water Pressure : 0 – 10Bar
• Sensor Material: Stainless steel
• Sensor Accuracy: < 1%
• Sensor Thread: G1/4” male (G1/4-19)
• Dimensions: – Length: 110mm -Width : 575mm – Height : 40mm
• Weight: 165 grams
• Working Temperature: 0 – 60 degrees Celsius
• Storage Temperature: 0 – 105 degrees Celsius
• Supply Voltage : 4xAAA 3volts
• Pressure Lifecycle: 500.000
• Certificates: RoHS, CE