Soil 3XT

Soil 3XT

Wirelessly sense soil moisture capacity, temperature and light spectrum to indicate growth levels, all in both indoor and outdoor environments in just about any conditions. Easy to install and simple to access real-time data on your own MyTentacles cloud portal or on our API which seamlessly integrates with your own agricultural management system. 

We worked closely with Wageningen University over the course of 2 years to produce this advanced technology with multiple applications including agricultural crop health monitoring, water leak detection and lawn water management in for example horticulture or golf course management.

•3 built-in sensors
•SigFOX wireless communication
•battery life exceeding 3 years
•no energy consumption in open air
•durable coating  

Overview :
• power: 4.5v/3600mAh
•temperature sensitivity: < 0.5 degrees
•moisture sensitivity: > 1% over whole range
•light spectrum sensitivity: > 20 LUX
•operating temperature: 0°C -> 60°C / 32°F-> 140°F
•measurement interval: 60 or 120 minutes  

Measurement Depth:
•soil temperature to 30cm
•soil moisture to 15cm
•environmental light near surface 

•width: 42mm / 1.65 inch
•length: 165mm / 6.4 inch
•depth: 22mm / 0.87 inch
•weight: 99g / 3.5 oz  

Signal specifications:
•radio standard SigFox
•approved range 868 MHz – 868.6 MHz
•actual range 868.130 – 869.525
•actual output power (EIRP) 13dBm

Ordering information:

LocationOperating FrequencyMeasurement IntervalOrder code
Europe868MHz60 minutesSoil3-ES-60
Europe868MHz120 minutesSoil3-ES-120
America902MHz60 minutesSoil3-AS-60
America902MHz120 minutesSoil3-AS-120